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The National Cyber Services Post-Judgment Interest Calculator is capable of accurately computing post-judgment interest and total judgment value regardless of territory. It correctly calculates judgment interest for all fifty states, the District of Columbia, all provinces of Canada, and federal judgments. Interest rates are updated weekly to ensure the program is always current and because it resides online, it can be accessed from anywhere, on any computer, by your entire office. The NCS Post-Judgment Interest Calculator is used by courts, law offices, and legal professionals throughout the United States and Canada.

  • Two versions available to meet your specific needs!
  • The "standard" version will correctly process the receipt of up to fifty partial payments!
  • The "ultimate" version stores your records online so they may be updated as future payments are received and will handle up to two hundred partial payments!
  • The "standard" version may be accessed by your entire office for $49 per year, or the "ultimate" version for $99 per year. Even less for multiple year registrations!
  • Enjoy immediate access upon registration of either version!
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Post-Judgment Interest Calculator

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Only federal post-judgment interest for the previous
five years may be calculated with this demo version.

The correct interest rate will automatically be selected by the program based on the judgment amount, beginning date, and territory. You may override the statutory interest rate by entering a different rate, in decimal format, in the "interest override" field. Partial payment fields may be left empty if no payments have been received. Recoverable costs may be entered as partial payments with a negative value.

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